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David Warnock

David Warnock was re-elected to Ward 3 (Callander) on 3 July 2014 for a period of four years to July 2018.

He has lived in Callander since 1986 and operates a small consultancy business working mainly in rural development, recreation, outdoor access and cultural and natural interpretation. He previously worked as Development Officer on the award winning Trossachs Trail Tourism Management Programme and as Senior Countryside Ranger with Stirling District Council. He has a degree in Business Studies with Environmental Education.

David has been involved in numerous conservation schemes and is an active member of various local and national conservation groups.

Register of Interests

Updated 21 March 2017

  • Category 1: Remuneration
    • Consultancy Work
      • Self employed, sole trading consultant, trading under my own name from Buchany, Ancaster Road, Callander.
      • I have undertaken work either as contractor or sub-contractor to other consultants, for agencies and organisations with a direct interest of ownership, management or promotion of the Park area (see category 3 for details).
    • Guided Walks, Talks and Photography
      • I occasionally lead guided walks on behalf of Trossachs Treks and give regular talks at Tigh Mor Trossachs for which I also receive a fee.
      • Subcontracted by SAC Consulting in January 2016 to assist with background/desk top research as part of study into potential for Community Ownership/Management of woodlands around Callander.
  • Category 2: Related Undertakings
    • None
  • Category 3: Contracts
    Previously undertaken work for clients with a direct interest or ownership, management or promotion in the Park area over the last year, as follows:

      • SAC Consulting
      • Holiday Property Bond
      • Trossachs Treks

    Contracted by Cairngorms National Park Authority to carry out directional path signing audit in Newtonmore from March 2017.

      • Category 4: Houses Land or Buildings
        • Joint owner with my wife of family home and garden in Callander within the National Park boundary.
      • Category 5: Interest in Shares and Securities
        • None
      • Category 6: Gifts & Hospitality
        • None
      • Category 7: Non-Financial Interests
        • Memberships (with direct interest in the National Park area)
          • Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
          • Scottish Wildlife Trust
          • National Trust for Scotland
          • Scottish Council for National Parks
          • Killin Mountain Rescue Team
          • Callander Kirk
        • Memberships (with no direct interest in the National Park area)
          • Friends of the Earth Scotland
          • Scottish Environment Link
          • Royal Scottish Geographical Society
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