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Planning Performance Framework

This is our fifth annual Planning Performance Framework (PPF5) for the National Park.

It ensures continuous improvement of our planning service by reviewing our performance over the last year (statistically and qualitatively) in Parts 1, 2 and 3, and by identifying areas for further improvement over the coming year in Part 4, via our Service Improvement Plan. The Scottish Government uses this report to consider our performance against agreed national markers and it is also used as a framework by planning authorities across Scotland as part of the ‘drive towards consistently high quality planning services across the country.’

Feedback from the Scottish Government on last year’s Planning Performance Framework 2014-15 (PPF4) was again very positive with improvements demonstrated in overall markings. We scored a ‘green’ rating on 10 out of 13 of the Scottish Government Performance Markers, which have been developed to recognise a ‘high performing planning authority.’ This report focuses on addressing areas for improvement that have been identified in the feedback reports and from any further areas identified.

Published: July 2016

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