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Our nature conservation action plan: Wild Park 2020

We launched our Biodiversity Action Plan, ‘Wild Park 2020’, in 2014.

It sets out our strategy for achieving the long term vision for the National Park’s biodiversity and lists over 90 projects which we, the National Park Authority, and its partners aim to deliver between now and the year 2020.Make nature yours3

It focuses effort on meeting our biodiversity commitments with in the National Park Partnership Plan 2012 – 2017, so that the natural heritage within the National Park can thrive, be enjoyed by all and continue to provide essential ecological services.

View the plan online here.

View Wild Park online

Hard copies can be viewed at National Park Offices in Balloch and Callander. A large print version is available on request.

Our wild challenges

The rich flora and fauna of the Park includes over 600 species considered to be of regional, national or international significance.

Our WildPark2020 targets action on on five areas, which we are calling Our Wild Challenges:

  1. Red squirrel 
  2. Invasive non-native species
  3. Mountain bogs 
  4. Black grouse
  5. Woodland habitat networks 

Hear from Alan and Gwenda from our conservation team, as they talk about the special and diverse nature of the National Park and how we are protecting it…


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