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Our proposed plan

This plan shows development for the next 10 years and an indication of development for the subsequent 10 year period. Based on when we expect to adopt this plan, it covers the period 2017 until 2027. Once adopted, it will replace the adopted local plan and will be updated regularly (every 5 years) so it is kept up to date and is responsive to change.

You can view the Proposed Plan using our online system or by viewing the PDFs below.

Section 1 & 2: Introduction and vision

How the National Park should change over the next 20 years and the Strategy needed to deliver the physical development. Download Section 1 & 2: Introduction and vision

Section 3: Place

New opportunities and the development needed to support our communities, visitors and local economy, whilst ensuring the ongoing conservation and enjoyment of the area’s outstanding environment.

Section 4: Policies


Draft Supplementary Guidance and Draft Planning Guidance

These explain in more detail how the policy or strategy requirements of the plan can be met. Supplementary Guidance forms part of the plan while Planning Guidance provides wider advice on a range of topics to support the Plan and this list may be expanded in the future.

Supplementary Guidance (draft)

Planning Guidance (draft)

Other Supporting Documents

There are also a number of background documents which help provide context and support the Proposed Plan. You can view these below:

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