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Boating & Powercraft

If you’d like to take things at your own pace on the water, there are lots of options available.

A number of companies offer speedboat tours, charter services and boat hire:

Several fishing and angling associations and businesses also hire out boats on a number of the smaller lochs in the National Park, for more information please see our angling pages.

Bringing your own boat or powercraft

If you would like to bring your own boat with you, please see our boating safety (including notices to mariners) and Loch Lomond byelaw information. If you’d like to use any craft with a motor on Loch Lomond, you need register it with the National Park Authority and display the registration number on your craft

Please be aware that from 1st April 2017, the slipway at Milarrochy Bay will be no longer be in operation. Find out more here.

Launch facilities will continue to operate from the Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway in Balloch seven days per week.

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