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Online Payment for Registered Boat Users

IMPORTANT: If you are making a payment for a new vessel registration, please select either “Vinyl Registration Number Stickers & Postage” or “Voluntary Operations Donation” and leave the Reg No field blank.

Please remember to also email your completed boat registration form and identity forms to

Your registration is not complete until you have received your registration numbers through the post and have them displayed on your vessel.

If you are making the payment on behalf of another person, please email to advise the name of the individual that you are making the payment for.

Using our online payment system

  • Enter your registration number and select the item you wish to purchase from the dropdown menu.
  • Click ‘Add to Cart’ to view your item in PayPal.

 If you wish to add more than one product

  • Close the PayPal tab and return to this page.
  • Select an additional item and click ‘Add to Cart’.
  • Both items will now appear in a new PayPal tab.
  • Please check final quantities in the PayPal tab before completing your order.

Registration numbers for boats contain a prefix letter and four numbers: e.g. H1234

Registration numbers for Personal Water Craft (PWCs) such as Jet skis and Jet bikes contain a three digit number on a coloured backing sheet. Please indicate the colour of your backing sheet in the following manner:  Depending on the colour of your backing you should precede your three digit registration number with either Yellow = J0 (e.g. J0123), Green = J1 (e.g. J1123) or Blue = J2 (e.g. J2123)

Product Choice
Reg No

If you own more than one vessel: You must register and purchase a separate launch pass for each vessel.  

For items including postage: All orders are sent by normal Royal Mail postage. Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

For items not including postage: You can collect your orders from the reception desk at Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway, please allow 2 working days to ensure your order is ready for collection.

If you would rather purchase items in person, you can do so by credit/debit card at Duncan Mills memorial Slipway.


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