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Barbara Morgan

Barbara Morgan was appointed to the Park Authority Board on 1st October 2017 by Scottish Ministers following nomination by Argyll & Bute Council.

Barbara Morgan was elected as a Councillor for Argyll and Bute Council in May 2017 representing Lomond North Ward 9 which takes in the boundaries of the National Park. She has been appointed as Argyll and Bute’s Armed Forces and Veterans Champion along with her appointment to the board of the National Park. Barbara previously worked in semiconductor manufacturing for over 25 years, holding the position of a shift manager.

Register of Interests

  • Category 1: Remuneration
    • Argyll and Bute Councillor
  • Category 2: Related Undertakings
    • None
  • Category 3: Contracts
    • None
  • Category 4: Houses, Land and Buildings
    • None within the National Park Boundary
  • Category 5: Interest in Shares & Securities
    • None
  • Category 6: Gifts and Hospitality
    • None
  • Category 7: Non-Financial Interests
    • None
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