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Petra Biberbach

Petra Biberbach is Chief Executive of PAS (Planning Aid Scotland), a post which she has held since June 2005.

With a career spanning the public, private and third sectors, Petra brings a wealth of expertise to the post in the fields of planning, sustainable development, renewable energy, and community engagement.

Petra is Vice Chair on the Board of Link Group. In 2015 she served on the Independent Review Panel set up by the Scottish Government to review the planning system in Scotland.

Petra has lived and worked in continental Europe (Germany & Switzerland). While working for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) she gained considerable experience of land use management and an in-depth understanding of the uniqueness of National Parks.

Petra is serving her second term as a Board Member of the Park Authority, having been re-appointed to the Board on 1 October 2014 for a further four year term.

Petra is Chair of the Planning & Access Committee at the Park Authority.

Register of Interests

  • Category 1: Remuneration
    • CEO PAS
  • Category 2: Related Undertakings
    • None
  • Category 3: Contracts
    • None
  • Category 4: Houses, Land and Buildings
    • Owner occupier in Edinburgh
  • Category 5: Interest in Shares & Securities
    • None
  • Category 6: Gifts & Hospitality
    • None
  • Category 7: Non-Financial Interests
    • Vice Chair Link Group
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