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Gartness Road, Drymen

A planning application for 101 houses, enlarged public car park, hard and soft landscaping, drainage and associated infrastructure on land north of Gartness Road in Drymen, was registered as valid on 14th May 2018.

The applicant, Mactaggart and Mickel Homes,  submitted revised plans in June 2019.

What’s now included in the revised Planning Application

The revised application includes:

  • A reduction in the number of houses proposed from 95 (and previously 101) to 88 including 44 affordable houses (social rented housing and discounted accommodation for sale);
  • An extension to the existing public car park from around 40 parking spaces to 85 spaces and spaces for larger vehicles/motorhomes;
  • Creation of a community parkland incorporating footpath links and a children’s play area;
  • New pedestrian footpaths to link into the existing network including two new zebra crossings on Stirling Road.

How to view the plans

You can view all of the application documents on the e-planning portal using reference 2018/0139/DET.

What happens now

Due to its scale, this planning application is classed as a ‘major development’. Major developments follow a different planning process to smaller planning applications. You can find a step-by-step overview of this process in our ‘Major developments explained’ blog. This application is currently at Step 4 in the process.

Having your say

The period for making comments on the proposal has now ended.

The planning case officer will make a recommendation to our Board members to either approve or refuse the application. The Authority’s Planning and Access Committee (made up by members of our Board) will then make a decision on the application at a meeting in public. If you have submitted comments on the application then we will notify you in advance of the meeting so that you can make arrangements to come along. You can request to speak at the meeting – provided you have formally commented on the application.

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