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Claish Farm, Callander

In January 2018 we received a ‘Proposal of Application Notice’ for Claish Farm, Callander. This proposal is classed as a major development and is described as residential development with associated infrastructure, landscaping and engineering works.

You can view the ‘Proposal of Application Notice’ on our e-planning portal using the reference 2018/0005/PAC.

What is a Proposal of Application Notice?

If a prospective applicant intends to submit a planning application for a major development they must give us (as the Planning Authority for the National Park) formal notification. This is the purpose of the Proposal of Application Notice’, sometimes shortened to ‘PAN’.

The notice includes details of how the applicant intends to consult with the local community and marks the start of a consultation phase called Pre-application Consultation (PAC). The applicant must wait 12 weeks after serving a PAN before submitting their planning application.  The earliest an application could be submitted for Claish Farm was 3rd April 2018.

Pre-application Consultation

Pre-application Consultation is when local residents and businesses get the opportunity to tell the applicant what they think of their proposals and ask any questions, before an application is submitted.

What happens after the pre-application consultation?

The applicant will compile a report capturing the points raised by the community and any changes that have been made to the proposals as a result. This report must accompany any subsequent planning application. You will have the opportunity to make representations to the Planning Authority once an application is submitted.

An overview of the planning process for major applications can be found in our blog, ‘major applications explained.

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