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Claish Farm, Callander

A planning application for a new residential development on land at Claish Farm, Callander was received and registered as valid on 2nd April 2019.

What’s included in the Planning application?

The application is for the development for 50 affordable houses with associated infrastructure and landscaping.

If approved the proposed development would be built by Lovell Homes and be available for social rent from Rural Stirling Housing Association.

The application includes:

  • A mixture of house sizes including 43 two, three and 4 bed houses and 7 two and three bedroom bungalows for disabled people;
  • A new vehicular access from the A82;
  • Creation of an informal area for community recreation and children’s play;
  • New pedestrian footways to link to the McLaren Leisure Centre and Primary School;

New landscaping along the A82 and within and around the scheme.

How to view the plans

You can view all of the application documents on the e-planning portal using reference 2019/0098/DET.

What happens now?

Due to its scale, this planning application is classed as a ‘major development’. Major developments follow a different planning process to smaller planning applications. You can find a step-by-step overview of this process in our ‘Major developments explained’ blog. This application is currently at Step 3 in the process.

Having your say

You are welcome to make a comment on the application, either for or against the proposals. The statutory deadline for making comments is 25th April however, the public consultation period will remain open beyond this date and comments can continue to be submitted until the Planning Officer makes a recommendation on the proposal.

If you want your views to be taken into consideration during the decision-making process, it is important to make comments to us directly. There are three ways to make comments:

  • Comment via our e-planning portal using the ‘Submit Comments’ tab and using reference 2019/0098/DET;
  • Email us on or
  • Write a letter and send it to our National Park Headquarters. Please include an e-mail address if you have one. Unless we hear from you to the contrary, all further communication will be electronic as this will help us to reduce our environmental impact.

Further advice on how to comment on a planning application is contained within our “How do I view and comment on applications” blog.

Once your comments have been viewed by the Planning Officer they will then be published on our e-planning portal. Your comments will be visible online, along with your name, and will be made available for inspection and to be copied by any interested party.

We anticipate a high level of interest about the application and unfortunately we are unable to respond individually in writing to specific questions during the consultation period.  However all comments will be taken into account as part of the decision making process.

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