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Frequently asked questions


How would volunteering with the National Park help me?

  • Confidence, volunteering can help you to build confidence by working with other people, achieving tasks and being part of important work.
  • Self-esteem, being part of projects and tasks that make you feel proud can really boost self-esteem, especially when they are meaningful and make a difference.
  • Experience, volunteering can provide that bit of experience that you need to help you on your way to that amazing career or college course that you have been dreaming of, we can provide invaluable references for volunteering activities.
  • Health, general wellbeing is boosted by being outdoors and carrying out activity with others and if volunteering is practical there are physical health benefits also.

How often do I need to volunteer?

  • For practical conservation volunteering there is no time limit, some volunteers come out to help once a year and others come out a couple of times a week.  However, we would ask if you haven’t been out for more than a year that you let us know if would still like to continue volunteering.
  • We ask that our Volunteer Rangers help out for a minimum of two days per month during the period April to October, due to the nature of Volunteer Rangering it is more essential that we are out engaging with visitors and helping out with events and education during the busy period so we look for that minimum time commitment.

How old do I need to be to volunteer?

  • Our minimum age for signing up to volunteer with the National Park is 16, we love to welcome young people to volunteer with us and feel we can offer great experiences for young people to continue their journey with the National Park. For more info on volunteering for young people please see the Young Person Volunteering section.

Will I be accepted as a National Park Volunteer?

  • Sadly we receive so many enquiries from interested people that we can’t take everybody on as volunteers (we would love so much to be able to).  We really want our volunteers to get the most out of volunteering with the National Park and will use our judgement to offer places to people who would benefit the most from volunteering with us.  Sometimes as much as we endeavour to, we can’t match up volunteers with the roles they would like and may suggest another role or alternative volunteering opportunity that they may consider.

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