Mainland Scotland is now in lockdown. Find out more in our Advice for Visitors.

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Water activities

Paddle, swim, sail and more.

From Tuesday 5 January, mainland Scotland will move from Level 4 to a temporary Lockdown, with new guidance to stay at home except for essential purposes. Please Think, Check and Plan ahead by going to our Advice to Visitors page.


There are 22 lochs (and one lake – Scotland’s only natural lake too!) including Britain’s biggest body of freshwater in the National Park, as well as 39 miles of coastline around three sea lochs and many miles of rivers. So getting out and active on the water is easy and a must-do when you’re here.


All levels are catered for. If you’re a beginner or dabbler, there are instructors who can help you with a taster and introduction, and a safe environment to try for yourself. If you’re more of an expert, there are plenty of access points to get onto the water.

two-men-one-in-red-the-other-in-blue-peddling-separate-kayaks-on-loch-long-ardentinny-village-in-the-distance Canoeing & kayaking

Canoeing & kayaking

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two-women-admiring-view-over-hills-and-loch-lomond-from-boat-deck-one-is-looking-through-pair-of-binoculars-and-both-are-wearing-sweaters-and-woolly-scarfs Boating


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woman-in-wetsuit-and-vest-kneeling-on-paddleboard-holding-oar-and-smiling-with-very-young-daughter-at-her-feet-looking-at-camera-surrounded-by-waters Paddleboarding


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woman-and-man-in-wetsuits-and-swim-caps-chatting-next-to-pier-while-half-submerged-in-water Swimming


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several-sailing-boats-with-white-veils-in-the-distance-on-loch-and-surrounding-high-hills-covered-by-forests-on-the-right Sailing


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middle-aged-man-in-wetsuit-holding-paddleboard-and-veil-coming-out-of-loch-water Windsurfing


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