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11 views to take your breath away

From hilltops, on forest trails, in glens and straths and at roadsides, the wealth and variety of views in Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park will take your breath away.

Enjoy the Park’s myriad vistas of land and waterscapes in any season, whether you are on foot, a bike, in the car or on a bus. Here are 11 amazing Park views:

Ben Lomond from Beinn Narnain


Ben Lomond - credit Graham Lewis

Climb Beinn Narnain high enough and on the right day to witness the special sight of a temperature inversion. This occurs when the temperature of the atmosphere increases with altitude in contrast to the normal decrease with altitude. Cold air is trapped as a cloudy mist, with warm air and sunshine above. This temperature inversion reveals several mountain tops, the tallest being Ben Lomond, poking out of the clouds.

Ben Venue and Loch Katrine


Ben Venue & Loch Katrine - credit John McSporran

The distinctive shape of Ben Venue is frequently in sight as you explore the Trossachs. This fabulous view takes in the 729m mountain and Loch Katrine. Why not walk Ben Venue from Loch Achray. The sun sets behind Ben Venue, casting beams of light on the surrounding forests and Loch Katrine.

Inversnaid Falls


Inversnaid Falls - credit John McSporran

Located in the hamlet of Inversnaid and perched on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond, Inversnaid Falls tumble into the loch. A wonderful sight as the morning sun crests the slopes of Ben Lomond, casting dappled light on to the lower falls.

Milton Narrows


Milton Narrows - credit John McSporran

Milton Narrows is a tranquil spot on the edge of Loch Ard, where the River Forth officially begins. The Forth runs from under a bridge near Aberfoyle to eventually form the Forth estuary several miles wide.

Glen Croe


The view from Rest and Be Thankful - credit Paul Saunder

Glen Croe is a glen found at the heart of the Arrochar Alps. This moody vista can be seen from the popular viewing point at the car park on The Rest and Be Thankful on the A83.

Loch Chon


Loch Chon - credit John McSporran

Autumn paints the countryside a range of beautiful reds, oranges and yellows. This view of Loch Chon, to west of the village of Aberfoyle, shows the start of this stunningly colourful season.

Loch Eck


Loch Eck

To the west of the National Park, 7-mile-long Loch Eck can be found on the Cowal Peninsula. A little known fact is that apart from Loch Lomond, it is the only naturally occurring habitat of the powan, a freshwater whitefish.

Ben Lui


Ben Lui seen from Ben Oss

The beautiful snow-covered mountain of Ben Lui, near Tyndrum. Many people make the ascent of this fine Munro to a summit of 1130m from Glen Lochay.

Beinn Dubhchraig


View south to Loch Lomond - credit

A walk on a fine day to the top of Beinn Dubhchraig reveals spectacular views looking over the wider National Park, especially Loch Lomond.

Benmore Maple tree


Benmore Botanic Gardens

A stunning maple tree taken at the wonderful Benmore Gardens, Argyll and Bute. There is a lot more to see as well at the enchanting gardens located in a mountainside setting on the Cowal Peninsula.

Ben Arthur ‘The Cobbler’


Ben Arthur (The Cobbler)

A walker stands on top of the eye of the needle, a rock formation on the summit of Ben Arthur, which is also known as The Cobbler, in the Arrochar Alps.

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