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Our Local Development Plan

Our Local Development Plan, along with the supplementary guidance, sets out our planning policies. The plan guides new development and contains planning policies which will be used to make decisions on planning applications.

The Design and Placemaking guidance is a good starting point. It contains information on site and area appraisal, including survey work we would expect to be undertaken. We recommend that you make use of our free pre-application service if you are unsure what details will be required and what guidance applies to your proposal.

Our Local Development Plan

The plan is dated 2017-2021 but we have revised our timescales for the next plan and the current plan will remain in place until 2024.  Read more in our Development Plan Scheme.

Accompanying documents

These documents explain in more detail how the policy or strategy requirements of the Plan can be met. Supplementary Guidance forms part of the Plan while Planning Guidance provides wider advice on a range of topics to support the Plan and this list may be expanded in the future.

Supplementary Guidance 

Planning Guidance 


There are also a number of background documents which help provide context and support the Local Development Plan. You can view these below:

How did we get here?


In preparing this Plan we have considered a wide range of information. We invited people from our communities, businesses, landowners and partner organisations to get involved in a series of events, workshops and three formal consultations to help inform this Plan since 2011. Find out how we got here…

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