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Equalities & Diversity

The Park for All group is made up of members from across the organisation, we aim to inspire the organisation to deliver against our equality duties, constructively challenge prejudices, raise awareness of the economic and social benefits of inclusion and identify and facilitate actions that support equality and diversity.

Our vision is to embed a culture of equality and diversity so that staff, communities, visitors and Board members regardless of ethnicity, beliefs, disability, social background, sex, marital status, age or sexual orientation have the opportunity to access the full range of services provided by the Park Authority and the opportunity to access the benefits of living, working or visiting our National Park.

Our work

  • producing accessibility guides (available at the bottom of this page)
  • producing Equalities Mainstreaming Reports & Equality Outcomes Progress Reports
  • reviewing Equality Impact Assessments prepared by our teams.
  • reporting on equalities data from staff, volunteers, our Board, visitors and engagements with communities
  • reporting on equalities work

Equalities Mainstreaming Reports & Progress Reports

Our Equalities Mainstreaming Report sets out how we address our responsibilities under the Equalities Act 2010 and our Progress Reports provide updates on progress at interim stages.

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