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Advice & guidance

If you’re looking for guidance on how to take forward your development proposal, our Local Development Plan, along with the supplementary guidance, sets out our planning policies. It also includes information on site appraisal and survey work we would expect to be undertaken. It is used to guide development and make decisions on planning applications in the National Park.

The resources on this page will help you with the preparation of your application or enquiry and cover our planning procedures and processes. If you are unsure what details will be required and what guidance applies to your proposal, we recommend that you make use of our free pre-application service.

Planning Processing Agreements

A planning processing agreement (PPA) is a project management tool and an agreed way of working for developers, the National Park and relevant stakeholders. It sets out the key stages involved in determining a planning application, identifying what information is…

Planning Obligations

As the planning authority we use planning obligations to preserve and encourage sustainable development of land within Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Planning obligations are entered into by us with any person who has the ability to ‘bind’…

Pre-Application Consultation

Major and National Developments All planning applications categorised as national developments as defined by the National Planning Framework or major developments in the Hierarchy of Development Regulations require the developer to carry out an official Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) with communities…

Local Review Body

If you are unhappy about a refusal of planning permission or a condition imposed on a consent, when the decision was made by a planning officer under our scheme of delegation, you may request a review by the LRB. You…

Callander Development and Flood Risk Guide

Posted in All planning advice

The Callander Development and Flood Risk Guide is designed to assist applicants consider flood risk when preparing applications for planning permission. The document was adopted by the Planning and Access Committee on 5 November 2012.

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