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child in dark glasses touching the bark of a tree

Make nature yours

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or literally dipping your toe in the water, every minute spent out in the Park will give you an experience of nature, sometimes subtle and sometimes spectacular.

Getting involved is easier than you think…

Get involved

National Parks UK have commissioned a ‘sound map’ of all the National Parks to help visitors and residents of each Park engage more with the sounds in nature. And you can help by recording what you can hear when out and about exploring our beautiful landscape. Simply record any sounds on a mobile device, note the location and take a photo – then visit the sound map to upload.

You may not think small changes will make a big difference to restoring nature in the National Park, but the simple steps we can all do, collectively can make a huge contribution. There are many ways you can make a small but valuable difference, from allowing an area of your lawn to grow wild, to recording squirrel sightings for Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels survey. Check out ‘Be part of Future Nature’ for more ideas.

You could always take part in the John Muir Award, a fun environmental award scheme that encourages everyone to connect with, enjoy and care for our wild places.


John Muir Award

Lend a hand!

Volunteering is one great way to get involved in conservation, either with us or with one of our partners. To be a National Park volunteer you just need to be motivated by the joy of getting out there and making a difference.

Be wild at home – recycle your rubbish, take your litter home, use peat free compost and think like a Wild Park Warrior and you’ll help ensure Scotland’s nature is here for future generations to enjoy.

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