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Woven Sound: Falls of Falloch

John Kennedy designed ‘Woven Sound’ to provide a sheltered space to experience the Falls of Falloch at closer range – providing a brand new viewpoint to take in the thundering falls. Cantilevering over the edge of the water, the shelter takes the form of a long trellis of intricately woven-together steel rods that weaves its way between existing trees to avoid damaging the natural beauty of the site creating a sculptural, subtle form. This robust, inexpensive material allows the shelter to have a very discrete presence, which doesn’t detract from the Falls themselves. A diary entry from Dorothy Wordsworth recalling the numerous Romantic writers and painters who visited the Falls in the early 19th century is etched into the dappled steel at the viewpoint.

Did you know? Falls of Falloch is a beautiful waterfall and a popular beauty spot for picnics. Standing at 30 feet high, the falls are an abrupt step in the passage of the River Falloch as it makes its way down Glen Falloch towards Loch Lomond at Ardlui.  Falls of Falloch is a truly entrancing site set in a peaceful glen.

See and do

Photo opportunities are abundant – further up Glen Falloch, the oldest southerly remnants of ancient Caledonian pinewood forest are in view look out for golden eagles and red deer.

Please note that parking at this site is limited and during the busy summer months and on sunny days, the car park can get full very easily. Plan your visit ahead: better to get there earlier in the day or consider visiting during quieter periods if you don’t want to be disappointed.  Parking along the A82 is dangerous and illegal.  Don’t do it.

Food and drink are available at Tarbet, Ardlui, Inverarnan and Crianlarich and picnic areas can be found in Tarbet, Inveruglas and Crianlarich.

Why not walk a section of West Highland Way from Inverarnan to Crianlarich – 6 1/2 miles (10.5 km) to see stunning views of Falls of Falloch?

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Click on the image to view the full size Woven Sound Scenic Route Map

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