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Tha leaganan Gàidhlig dhe na bileagan is na foillseachaidhean againn ri fhaotainn ach iarraidh orra. Rach an conaltradh ri

Where do we want nature to get to?

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It is no longer enough to just work to protect what is here now. We must proactively and vigorously re-build and restore a richer nature that will continue to yield us and our world benefits for long into the future.…

Future Nature on Film

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We have created a series of short films to tell you more about Future Nature and to hear from some of the different partners involved in achieving our ambitious Future Nature vision.

Nature – where are we now?

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National Parks are built upon the foundations of their nature and people. They play a crucial role in protecting these natural assets and supporting local communities whilst engaging and educating people in their dramatic landscapes and the wildlife that live…

How will we restore nature?

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The Future Nature Route Map is the first step in a long-term strategy and commitment to restore nature in the National Park. It also defines where we want to get to and maps out a structure for how we will…

2022 Housing Market Research

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In April 2022, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Authority commissioned Arneil Johnston to carry out research into the operation of the housing system in the National Park to provide robust and credible housing evidence on:  

Future Nature

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What is the future for nature in our National Park? Despite its inspiring landscapes, historic places and protected status, the National Park is not immune to the global biodiversity crisis and nature is still in trouble here. Future Nature is…

Strathard Framework

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Set across the whole Strathard area, the Strathard Framework is planning guidance that identifies geographical sub-areas which are sensitive to or have scope for development or land use change.

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