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Future Nature on Film

We have created a series of short films to tell you more about Future Nature and to hear from some of the different partners involved in achieving our ambitious Future Nature vision.

Introduction to Future Nature (4 minute watch)

What is the nature crisis and how does it affect the people who work, live and visit the National Park? Our Future Nature Development Manager Dominic Hall explains how nature is at the heart of our existence and how our ambitious Future Nature vision aims to protect and restore nature in the National Park.

Future Nature (14 minute watch)

There’s already been lots of amazing work taking place in the National Park to protect nature. From small changes by individuals that collectively make a significant impact, to larger community and landscape scale projects. However, we know that if we are to not only protect but restore nature, we need to work on a much larger scale. And while taking on the challenge to reverse nature’s decline in a landscape of over 720sq miles may be daunting for some, we know that if we all work together, we can protect this special landscape for generations to come.

Let’s take a look at some of the work communities, partners and landowners are undertaking to contribute to a resilient, nature-rich National Park, where abundant wildlife and a healthy natural environment provide a wealth of benefits for everyone.


Future Nature short (5 minute watch)

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