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How to enjoy the water safely

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Getting out and active on or near the water is a great way to enjoy and experience the National Park but whether you are an experienced open water swimmer or just fancy dipping your toes in to cool off, it’s…

International Women’s Day

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We’re often in awe of the inspiring women who work with the National Park, using their skills and passion to help protect and restore this iconic and important landscape, but #InternationalWomensDay gives us an opportunity to celebrate them!

Inclusion Scotland Internship

Posted in News

As an organisation that strives to be an inclusive employer, we were very grateful for the recent opportunity to work with Inclusion Scotland to offer an internship to a disabled person.

Toby Caldwell talks about their work experience with the Park

Posted in News

Toby Caldwell speaks about their positive experiences while working for the National Park Authority in partnership with the Career Ready program. Career Ready matches a school student with a mentor who shares their interests and hobbies to provide them with…

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