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Local Development Plan – Action Programme

The Action Programme sets out how and when new development in the National Park will be delivered.


Review November 2021

The Local Development Plan identifies the Vision and Strategy for sustainable development (including housing, business and tourism) throughout the Park for the next ten years and will be used to determine planning applications over the next 5 years.

The Action Programme lists the actions needed to facilitate development on each of the sites proposed for development and provides an up-to-date picture of progress. It is very much a working document and will be  reviewed every 6 months. A separate interactive map allows you to see more clearly what is happening in your village  *please note that the interactive map is currently not displaying the most up-to-date information as included in the PDF document, we aim to address this at the next publication.

Support is needed from landowners, agents, local communities, local authorities and key agencies to help deliver on the plan’s vision and strategy.

There are lots of exciting development opportunities throughout the Park. These include:

  • Housing, retail, tourism, economic development opportunities to sustain local communities and services focusing on three key areas of growth – Balloch, Arrochar and Callander.
  • Place-making priorities to rejuvenate the town and village centres of our three key growth areas but also Aberfoyle, Blairmore, Drymen, Tarbet and Tyndrum.
  • Affordable and open market housing opportunities to accommodate housing need and demand in towns and villages.
  • New tourism development opportunities that raise the quality of the Park as a visitor destination.

Work is also progressing on Callander and Balloch Charrette projects, upgrade of the A82 trunk road and finalising Supplementary and Planning Guidance to support the Plan.

We will work with key partners on the Action Programme delivery and keep you updated throughout the process. Should you have any questions on the Programme or process please email or call Susan or Kirsty on 01389-722600.


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