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What we do

Our mission is to be the vital force in protecting and enhancing Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. The National Park covers an area of outstanding landscapes, habitats and communities – and it’s our job to protect it, and reduce the impact of visitor and recreational pressures.

Our vision

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority is an effective organisation of passionate people who inspire our communities, visitors and partners to work with us to enhance and promote this iconic National Park.

The National Park Partnership Plan 2018-2023 is the overarching vision to guide how all those with a role in looking after the National Park will work together over the next five years to ensure a successful, sustainable future for this special place.

Our aims

We have four aims, each one designed to safeguard a sustainable future:

  • Conserve and enhance – we protect and promote the natural and cultural heritage of the area
  • Sustainability – we promote the sustainable use of the natural resources of the area
  • Understanding and enjoyment – we encourage people to enjoy the special qualities of the area
  • Social and economic development – we promote sustainable development of the communities in the area

Our people

Our staff work hard to ensure that the National Park Authority meets these aims and is an effective organisation that inspires communities, visitors and partners to protect this special place. Our  organisational chart of management positions shows how the National Park Authority team is structured.

two-blonde-women-in-outdoor-gear-holding-baby-at-edge-of-loch-chon-with-hills-and-forests-behind-them The National Park Partnership Plan

The National Park Partnership Plan

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national-park-authority-headquarters-building-entrance Our Board & Committees

Our Board & Committees

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male-black-grouse-with-wings-spread-on-moor Conservation


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woman-in-white-looking-through-fixed-binoculars-at-an-ceann-mor-scenic-art-installation-over-loch-lomond Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience

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close-up-of-logo-pieces-and-booklet-with-living-investing-visiting-experiencing-words-on-cover-for-live-park-project Rural Development

Rural Development

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blonde-woman-in-white-columbia-jacket-imprinted-with-national-park-arrow-symbol-gazing-into-distance-to-loch Our Commercial Partners

Our Commercial Partners

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national-park-two-male-staff-chatting-to-each-other-during-meeting-at-desk-in-headquarters-office Our plans & publications

Our plans & publications

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young-volunteers-with-older-man-in-forest-outdoor-learning Equalities & Diversity

Equalities & Diversity

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group-of-campers-on-shore-of-loch-chon-bright-sunny-day-couple-cooking-on-left-and-mother-and-baby-on-right Camping in the National Park

Camping in the National Park

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