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Loch Eck

The narrow seven-mile long stretch of Loch Eck is located on the Cowal peninsula, north of the town of Dunoon, and within the beautiful Argyll Forest Park, itself part of the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

The A815 runs down the eastern shore of the loch, offering stunning views and places to stop for a picnic. On the opposite shore, you’ll see the craggy tops of Clach Bhein rising steeply above the water. It’s possible to walk or cycle along the western shoreline on the Loch Eck Loop.

For a wonderful view of the loch and the glen head to Glenbranter Forest to follow a short waymarked trail that climbs up through the forest.

Loch Eck is popular for boating and kayaking, while fishing permits are available for the chance to land sea trout and salmon. You might be fascinated to know that Scotland’s rarest freshwater fish, the powan, lives in Loch Eck. This relic from the Ice Age is protected and only found here and in Loch Lomond.

The loch also acts as a reservoir supplying fresh water to much of the southeast of Cowal.


Loch Eck

Make a stay of it

Whether you’re looking for the comfort of a campsite or the solitude of ‘wild camping’, the National Park offers plenty of places to immerse yourself in some of the most spectacular scenery in Scotland.

If you are planning to ‘wild camp’, be aware that seasonal byelaws came into effect on 1st March 2017 which affect how you can camp in some areas between March and September. During this time, you need a permit to camp or (in some locations) to stay overnight in your motorhome in these Camping Management Zones.

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