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Development Plan Scheme

The Development Plan Scheme (DPS) sets out the programme for preparing and reviewing our Local Development Plan, and explains what is likely to be involved at each stage.

This covers:

  • Updates on the focus of our work on implementing and monitoring the Plan over the coming year.
  • Indication of timescales for preparing a new Local Development Plan.
  • The DPS also includes a participation statement which sets out with whom, when, where and how we are likely to engage and consult with our communities and stakeholders

The DPS accompanies the Local Development Plan which was adopted in December 2016. The main focus of our work at the moment is on delivering the Local Development Plan and using the Action Programme as a tool to help achieve this.

Our plan is dated 2016-2021 but we have revised our timescales for the next plan to closely align with the new planning legislation (Planning (Scotland) Act 2019) and guidance.  The next plan will be a 10 year plan (2024-2034) and we will start the preparation of the plan next year. We are currently working with communities to help them prepare Local Place Plans.

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