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Camping Management Byelaws cover popular lochshore areas of the National Park from 1st March to 30th September every year.

During this time if you want to camp in these Camping Management Zones, you will need to book a permit or stay at a campsite. Camping permit areas are now open and can be booked up to four weeks in advance.

In order to protect some of our most cherished lochshores, byelaws covering camping and firelighting are in place in certain areas from March to September.

During this time, you need to either book into a campsite or use a permit to camp or (in some locations) to stay overnight in your motorhome in these Camping Management Zones.

What are permit areas?

Camping Management Zones include a number of defined camping “permit areas” within which a number of permits are allocated. A camping permit allows you to camp anywhere within your chosen permit area – you are not allocated a specific space. Permit areas provide the opportunity to have a ‘wild camping’ experience in popular parts of the National Park and have no formal facilities, so please make sure you come prepared.


Permit area sign at Loch Venachar

Where are the permit areas?

You’ll find permit areas within the camping management zones. You can explore our permit areas using the map below.

Map Key

  •   camping permit area (tents only)
  •   camping permit area (motorhomes/campervans only)
  •   camping permit area (tents & motorhomes/campervans)

What you need to know

  • Permits cost £4.20 per tent or motorhome/campervan per night. You will need a permit for each tent you intend to put up in a permit area.
  • You can book a camping permit for up to three nights in one area.
  • You can book up to 4 weeks in advance.
  • A permit allows you to camp anywhere within your chosen permit area.
  • You can arrive from 1pm and must depart by 11am on the day you are leaving.
  • Bookings may be cancelled by contacting up to two weeks prior to the start of the intended stay. No refunds will be given for bookings with a value of less than £9.
  • Our full terms and conditions for camping and motorhomes provide important information about your stay. Please familiarise yourself with them before you arrive.
  • Useful questions and answers about the byelaws.
  • Please be aware that ticks (which can carry Lyme disease) are present in the National Park, especially during the Spring and Summer months. Read up on tick safety and precautions before your visit.

Organised groups such as Duke of Edinburgh, Scouts, and youth organisations, who wish to camp in a Camping Management Zone can apply online for permission. There is no charge for these types of groups to camp in a Camping Management Zone.

Need some inspiration?

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Don’t just take our advice on it, our guest blogger Kathi @watchmesee shared her camping experience after visiting Loch Voil and Loch Achray!

If this is your first time camping, watch our new video with Des Clarke and Ranger Jenny for some helpful tips.

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