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New trees planted in Drymen

In February 2015, approximately 0.55 ha of native woodland was felled at Buchanan Home Farm, Buchanan Castle Estate, Drymen. This woodland was protected by a Tree Preservation Order which prohibits the felling, pruning or uprooting of protected trees or woodland without the prior, written consent of the National Park Authority.

In this case no consent to the felling had been given by the Park Authority – as the local planning authority. Furthermore, the required replanting was not undertaken timeously therefore the Park Authority exercised its powers under the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act (1997) and served a Section 168 tree replacement notice requiring the landowner to replant the felled woodland.

An appeal was made by the landowner to the Scottish Government but was dismissed in June 2017 and the tree replacement notice upheld with minor amendments. Since then the landowner has worked with the Park Authority and replanting has taken place. The replacement planting is protected by the original Tree Preservation Order and the landowner has a duty to ensure the trees establish successfully.

As part of our responsibility as a Planning Authority, we have a duty to preserve and protect trees and woodland. This is the second successful replanting notice in Drymen in recent years.

More details about the trees and woodlands and how the Park Authority protects and enhances them through the planning system.

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