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Our vision & aims

Our vision is to be an effective organisation of passionate people who inspire our communities, visitors and partners to work with us to enhance and promote this iconic National Park.

Our aims

The National Parks (Scotland) Act 2000 sets our four aims:

  • To conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the area
  • To promote the sustainable use of the natural resources of the area
  • To promote understanding and enjoyment (including enjoyment in the form of recreation) of the special qualities of the area by the public
  • To promote sustainable social and economic development of the area’s communities.

Our values

These are what we stand for. They are the foundation on which everything else is built – and they guide us in everything we do.

  • Leadership – we show the way
  • Inspiring – we spark ideas for action
  • Passion – we love what we do
  • Caring – we respect the past and shape the future
  • Green – we do the right thing for the National Park and the planet
  • Accessible – we are approachable, open and friendly
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