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Gold and silver mine in Cononish Glen

The planning application for a gold and silver mine in Cononish Glen, near Tyndrum was approved on 19th October 2018.

Following completion of a legal agreement, the Decision Notice has now been issued for this application which was granted planning permission at a public hearing in February.

The applicant is now required to discharge a number of pre-start planning conditions before work can begin on the mine.

The National Park Authority has secured a unique package that will deliver multiple benefits for the area in order to reduce the impact to the landscape and recreational access during the mines operation and to support the long term improvements to Cononish Glen’s natural heritage.

This includes the Greater Cononish Glen Management Plan (valued at £268,000 in total) which will deliver a range of landscape and recreational improvements, habitat management and native tree planting.

The developer has also agreed to contribute £425,000 (£25,000 per annum) for visitor and conservation projects in the Strathfillan community area and across the National Park. The Countryside Trust will distribute the funds with 30% to be spent in the Strathfillan area and 70% across the National Park.

A Restoration and Aftercare bond of £537,000 has been secured through the Section 75 legal agreement. The bond is in place to ensure that adequate finance is available in the event of a future default by the applicant in relation to the restoration of the site and aftercare costs.

A voluntary contribution from the developer has also been agreed. Over 16 years a total of £490,000 will be donated to the Strathfillan Development Trust although this was not a material planning consideration in determining the application.

Although in the short term there will be an adverse impact in the Cononish Glen, in the long term the glen will be greatly improved, leaving a lasting positive impact through the remediation of the site and The Greater Cononish Glen Management Plan.

The mine will also bring a range of social and economic benefits for the local community and wider area through the creation of jobs.

You can view the decision notice including the planning conditions, legal agreement and approved plans, on the e-planning portal using the reference 2017/0254/MIN.

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