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Our first Local Development Plan is a step closer to adoption

The National Park’s first Local Development Plan is a significant step closer to adoption, following 10 months of examinations.

Two independent reporters (Scottish Government Representatives) have now examined the comments and objections (called representations) to the proposed Plan and have recommended modifications. On Monday 24 October, the National Park Board agreed all of these recommended modifications.

With all these modifications made, the Plan has now been submitted to the Scottish Ministers to consider and review, which can take up to 28 days. Unless directed not too, we will then ‘adopt’ the Plan in December 2016.

The plan is all about how development can make the National Park a great place to Live, Invest, Visit and Experience. It shows development for the next 10 years and an indication of development for the subsequent 10 year period. Once adopted, it will replace the adopted local plan and will be updated regularly (every 5 years) so it is kept up to date and is responsive to change.

The Plan (as modified) can be viewed online or within National Park offices in Balloch (Carrochan Road) and Callander (Visit Scotland, Main Street), or within libraries which service the Park area.


Should you have any questions on the Plan or process please email or call Susan or Kirsty on 01389 722600.

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