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Milarrochy Bay Slipway Closure

We have received a number of enquiries regarding the decision to close the slipway at Milarrochy Bay. Please find below answers to some of the most common questions regarding the closure.

Why has the decision been made to close the slipway at Milarrochy Bay?

There are two key reasons behind this decision:

  • Health and Safety: Milarrochy Bay is increasingly popular with families and other people including swimmers and kayakers. The health and safety risk of people launching boats from vehicles and trailers without staff on site to supervise them is too high.
  • Cost: Numbers of motorised launches at Milarrochy Bay have been consistently falling over the last few years.  The fee for launching powered craft comes nowhere near to covering the cost of staff. The cost of staffing at the appropriate levels to safely facilitate launches works out to be £54 per launch, which is almost the same as the £55 launch fee boat users pay for a whole year. This is simply not best use of public money.

Is it just the slipway at Milarrochy Bay that is closing or is it all facilities at Milarrochy Bay?

Only the slipway is closing. The toilets, beach and car park will remain open to the public as normal.

Will there be a reduction in the boat launching fees?

The cost of providing safe public launch facilities far outweighs the annual fees for boat launching.

Can you still beach your craft at Milarrochy Bay to spend the day if launching and returning to Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway?


Is Duncan Mills Slipway closing?


What will happen when the Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway is closed for events such as the Great Scottish Swim?

When planning any event that requires the Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway to be closed to the public, we will consider access to the loch at other locations. Decisions will be made based on the particular circumstances of the event.

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