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Angling and the Camping Byelaws

If you like to fish and camp, you may be affected by new camping byelaws to protect some of the most cherished lochshores within the National Park, which come into effect on 1st March 2017.

What are the byelaws?

The new byelaws will not affect where or when you can fish, but if you want to camp or stay in a motorhome or campervan overnight in certain places you will need book into a campsite, or get a motorhome/campervan permit.

The byelaws are in place from March to September. Camping from October to February is unaffected.

Camping Management Zones

The byelaws create Camping Management Zones covering less than 4% of the National Park. Camping outside of these areas is unaffected.

Camping within these Zones will only be possible in specific permit areas (some with basic facilities) and campsites.

Permit areas

The camping permit areas cover a number of lochshore areas that are popular fishing spots. With a camping permit you will be given a specific area to stay overnight in. This may not be exactly the same place you are fishing, as not all the fishing areas are covered by camping permit areas.

The cost of camping permits will be £3 per night per tent or motorhome. The cost of camping on campsites will vary depending on the level of facilities on offer at a specific location.

Camping permits do not cover fishing. You will still need to have a valid fishing permit.


If you have a fire when you are fishing it should be small, under control, not cause any damage and you should bring your own firewood.

Day visits

You can still visit during the day and fish, as long as you have a fishing permit. Even if you are not staying overnight, you will need a camping permit to put up a tent, wigwam or bivouac.

For more detailed information about camping in the National Park and a list of campsites click here.

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