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11 September 2023 National Park Authority Board Meeting

A meeting of the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park Authority Board was held at Kinlochard Village Hall, Kinlochard, Stirling, FK8 3TL from 1000 on Monday 11th September. This meeting was accessible for members of the public to attend in person. Due to technological constraints, we were unable to livestream this meeting in the community.


Session 1: 10:00am – 11:30am

1. Welcome and Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of Meeting held on 12 June 2023
4. Matters Arising from meeting held on 12 June 2023 

Decision Paper

5. 2022/23 Annual Report and Accounts 

Appendix 1 Draft Annual Report and Accounts 

Update Papers

6. National Park Partnership Plan Consultation Update 

Appendix 1 Draft Consultation Report

Appendix 2 Verbatim Consultation Responses 

Appendix 3 Partner Oganisations that responded to Draft Plan

7. Sustainable Transport Update 

Appendix 1 Ansons Modal Shift Report for LLTNPA 

Session 2: 11:45am – 1:15pm

Update Papers

8. CEO Report 

9. Convener’s Report

10. Audit and Risk Committee Annual Report 

11. 2023/24 Annual Operational Plan Progress Report

Appendix 1 2023-24 Annual Operational Plan Progress to August 

12. Finance Update

Appendix 1 Summary Management Accounts Q1 30 June 2023

13. Committee and Group Highlights – Verbal updates

14. Any Other Business

15. Date of Next Meeting – Monday 11 December 2023

Session 3 [Closed]: 2:00pm

Business Session

16. Green Finance – National Parks Partnership


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