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For a Climb

With 21 Munros (mountains above 3,000ft) in the Park, the highest being Ben More at 1,174m, and 19 Corbetts (mountains between 2,500ft and 3,000ft), Park visitors in search of a proper hike will have no trouble sating their appetite. Ben Venue is a favourite, a manageable but pleasingly tiring Corbett that’s between 4 and 5 hours up and down with a clear path, accessible off the A821.

Picnic Planner

Depending on the Ben you choose, there are options in all the Park’s large villages to pick up a picnic. Word of advice, start the day with a hearty bowl of porridge or perhaps a brilliant Eggs Benedict from Mhor 84, and do pack a flask of tea or soup in your backpack. It gets cold on the peaks even in summer!

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