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Responsible visiting toolkit

Help visitors to Respect, Protect, Enjoy the National Park this summer.

We are asking everyone who visits the area to Respect, Protect and Enjoy the National Park by always visting safely and responsibly. This includes:

  • Planning ahead by checking what facilities are open
  • Having a Plan B in mind if your destination is looking busy
  • Parking responsibly by not parking on road verges, blocking gates or access routes
  • Binning litter if bins are available or taking it home
  • Booking camping trips in advance and always camping responsibly
  • Using a camping stove to cook safely
  • Enjoying the water safely by sticking to your ability and wearing the relevant safety gear

We are asking you to join us in sharing this message.

Below you can find a series of materials for communities, businesses, land owners, groups or partner bodies to download and use on your own website and social media channels or put up in your business or community to help inform and advise visitors how they can enjoy the National Park safely and responsibly this summer.

Post on social media

Click on the hyperlinks below to download graphics with responsible visitor messaging to use on your social media channels:

If you are posting on social media remember to always tag @lomondtrossachs and use #RespectProtectEnjoy. Please feel free to add a hyperlink to our advice to visitors in your posts to provide more guidance on how visitors can plan ahead.

Put up posters or signs in your area

Download our posters and signs below to print and put up in your area, on your land, or on your premises. Here are some handy notes to bear in mind when putting up these signs.

  • The posters have been designed to print in size A4
  • When putting up the posters please ensure you have permission of the relevant land owner
  • Place the sign in a visible location to ‘nudge’ behaviour near a popular location or near car parks and gathering spots where people will likely see them
  • We want to keep the National Park litter and clutter free, so please remove the sign as we approach the end of the summer season

We will continue to add messages and materials to this toolkit throughout the summer. If there are any messages missing that you think would be handy to put up in your area, please get in touch with us to discuss this by emailing

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