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Step into nature to reduce feelings of stress

Visitor Information & Engagement Officer Craig Gavigan, shares with us his favourite spot in the National Park to connect with nature and escape a world of ‘notifications’ – Creag an Tuirc.

I have lived and worked in and around the Loch Earn and Balquhidder area for the last 3 years, and love being near the foothills of the highlands, where there are some amazing short walks that offer spectacular views of the glaciated Glens.

The Creag an Tuirc walk in Balquhidder has everything I need to immerse myself in nature. The path from the Forestry track takes you up passed a well-established burn with several waterfalls, pools and different species of trees with spruce, larch, and other pine trees. As you walk up through the woodland, you may get the opportunity to see a red squirrel or two. However, as you reach the top of the walk you come to a grassy knoll with an opening to one of the finest views in the National Park, in my humble opinion!

There is a wooden bench to rest on while looking out over the surrounding hills and Balquhidder Glen. It’s a great spot to relax while you take a breath from the daily stresses and decompress. Apart from the occasional car that you have driving down into the Glen, you are far enough away from the A84 to not hear the noise of traffic, allowing you to hear the wind in the trees and feel secluded.

This walk provides me with everything I need to get away from a world full of notifications and constant rush. I get to immerse myself in the green and blue spaces that nature provides, and for relatively minimal effort, it provides a wonderful sense of peace and quiet.

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