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Saving water

Water efficiency can often be overlooked, but by taking simple steps to reduce water use, you can identify huge savings.

Here are Zero Waste Scotland’s top tips:

  • Understand your bills – It’s important to know how you’re charged for water so that you can respond to opportunities for improvement and pick up on any billing issues
  • Conduct a site walk around – This is a great way to identify quick-win opportunities, and to determine whether you have any leaks or faults. This should be done on a regular basis
  • Stay in control with good monitoring – Collecting regular water meter readings will allow you to track your water use, your performance and to identify any issues that occur
  • Reduce domestic water use – There are lots of low-cost technologies you can take advantage of to help reduce toilet cistern flush volume, reduce tap and shower rates, and reduce urinal flush frequency
  • Engage your staff – This can have a big impact on the amount of water wasted. When staff appreciate the value and cost of water, they’re more likely to use it efficiently, report leaks or faults, and help to fix issues

Further guidance on how to save money on your water bill can be found here.

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