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Local Access Forum Meeting 19th January 2016


1. Welcome & Apologies

2. Minutes of last meeting

3. AOCB (Items for discussion)

4. NAF LAF event update – Don and Sue

5. Drumlean Case update

6. Updates

  • The Mountains and The People Project update
  • Your Park Project update
  • Other access case work of note

7. Virtual Site visit – blocked path at Mid Lix, Killin

8. Forum work programme for 2016

  • Officer report template
  • Forum site visit report template
  • Your Park Camping Development Plan
  • Joint NAF/LAF event attendance
  • Guest speakers
  • Outdoor recreation events advice
  • Open Water swimming best practice


10. DONM – 5 April 2016

Approved minutes of meeting – 19th January 2016

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