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Black Grouse Project

The Callander Black Grouse Project is a collaboration by six farms and estates to look after black grouse over a 8000 hectare area from Callander to Loch Earn. This is a key project in delivery at a landscape scale of Wild Park 2020’s Black Grouse Wild Challenge.

The National Park Authority assisted the six businesses to identify the issues affecting black grouse, to develop practical conservation measures for their benefit and to submit applications for the funding to undertake the work. The resulting £720k grant from the Scottish Government’s Scottish Rural Development Programme has enabled:

  • 3571 hectares of moorland management, including 186 hectares of targeted heath restoration
  • 50 hectares of heather burning and cutting
  • 272 hectares of bracken management
  • 200 hectares management of mixed grassland, wetland, woodland and scrub
  • 38 hectares of new native woodland creation
  • 4193 hectares of targeted predator control
  • 5575 metres of fence marking existing deer fences
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