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Balloch charrette

During February and March 2016, we worked with West Dunbartonshire Council to run a successful charrette for Balloch. The purpose of the charrette process was to flesh out ideas and delivery mechanisms for key sites identified in the Local Development Plan as well as public realm improvements and better connectivity between Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch Castle Country Park and the village centre.

Building on the success of LIVEPark, social media was used in an effort to reach out to working age people and families who may not otherwise have attended the charrette events. In addition to this we undertook extensive pre-charrette engagement work and in the lead up to the events visited schools, youth groups and other community groups. We also held a ‘business breakfast’ for local business owners and managers. All of these methods helped to ensure that the comments and ideas came from a much wider spectrum of people and fed into the workshop discussions and the overall design process.

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