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Our Development Plan Scheme has been published

We are pleased to let you know that our updated Development Plan Scheme (DPS) has been published.

What is a Development Plan Scheme?

A Development Plan Scheme sets out a programme for preparing and reviewing a Local Development Plan and explains what is likely to be involved at each stage.

Our Local Development Plan, which can be viewed on our website here, guides new development and use of land in the National Park, and contains planning policies which will be used to determine planning applications.

Although we have only recently adopted our Local Development Plan (it runs from 2017 until 2026), we have a duty to ensure it is updated regularly (every 5 years) and is responsive to change. Our Development Plan Scheme not only sets out how we will do this, but it provides an update on progress.

It covers:

  • Updates on how we are implementing and monitoring our Local Development Plan.
  • An indication of timescales for preparing a new Local Development Plan
  • A participation statement which sets out with whom, when, where and how we are likely to engage and consult with our communities and stakeholders.

The main focus of our work at the moment is on delivering the Local Development Plan and using the Action Programme as a tool to help achieve this.

How can I stay up to date?

You can stay up to date with progress by connecting with us at or

We’ll keep you informed on the delivery of the Plan, future reviews and how you can get involved.  In the meantime, should you have any questions on the Plan or process, please email us at or call Susan, Derek, Amanda or Kirsty on 01389722600.

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