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Tarbet Pier Picnic Site regeneration


Why is Tarbet Pier site closed?

The National Park Authority site at Tarbet is being upgraded and improved as a result of a masterplan that was developed in collaboration with the local community and businesses.

More than £2 million is being invested at the popular visitor site transforming it into a sustainable low-carbon destination with expanded facilities for the community and for visitors

How long will it be closed?

Our popular visitor site, Tarbet, Loch Lomond, remains under construction while improvement works continue.

The site will partially reopen ahead of the Easter holidays, with limited facilities: Very limited parking, less than 20% capacity, Toilets open, Cafe open, Cruise access, No cycle path access, No picnic area, no waste disposal facilities and very limited parking, the site is not suitable for motorhomes and campervans at this time.

The works are due to be complete by late summer.

Can I park at the site?

Very limited parking, less than 20% capacity, no waste disposal facilities and very limited parking, the site is not suitable for motorhomes and campervans at this time.

Can I park my motorhome at Tarbet or use waste disposal facilities?

No.  While this upgrade work is ongoing, there will be no overnight parking possible and no waste disposal facilities available.  Improved facilities will be available when the upgraded site re-opens late summer.

What about school drop offs?

From 29th January, the drop off area will not be available. The National Park Authority expects to partially re-open the site in time for Easter weekend at the end of March but this will be very limited and will not include the area used for drop-offs.

The north car park including school drop off area will remain closed and we will continue to provide updates to the local community, including the school, regarding dates.

The full programme of works is due to be complete by late summer and the upgraded site will provide benefits for all users of the site for decades to come.

What is being done to improve the site?

Improvements being made to the visitor site at Tarbet this year include:

  • a new shelter and viewpoint
  • additional native woodland
  • improvements to internal paths, roads and car parking to ensure easier and safer movement for all users
  • a range of measures to establish the site as a sustainable travel hub: a cycle hub with repair station, charging points for electric vehicles and e-bikes, more accessible pedestrian facilities and improved cycling routes.
  • improvements to motorhome facilities including better parking and waste disposal facilities.

What alternative facilities are available?

There are other sites being shown on the Tarbet webpage. As the Grey and Black motorhome waste is closed for the duration of the works, visitors in Motorhomes and Campervans need to plan ahead and find a safe way to dispose of their Grey and Black waste.

How can I find out more?

Up-to-date information about what is available at the site can be found on the National Park Authority website at and if you have any further questions or concerns, please contact

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