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Callander Jazz & Blues Festival

 A winter boost to local businesses

  • Where:  Callander
  • When:  Autumn
  • Event Type:  Jazz & Blues festival over three days
  • Audience:  Music fans, families
  • Capacity:  50 gigs over 11 venues


An authentic Jazz & Blues festival that brings an autumn boost to local businesses that traditionally thrive in summer and see visitor numbers reduce in autumn and winter.


  • Potentially niche audience
  • Multiple venues requiring significant co-ordination
  • Small team of event volunteers

Funding model

Ticket sales and sponsorship

Ongoing sustainability

Callander Jazz & Blues Festival has grown steadily as its reputation became established in the UK annual festival programme. The event is held across existing venues in Callander – bars, hotels, cafes – and so does not require infrastructure spend. Event organisers are considering broadening the appeal by introducing more music styles, but will retain the authentic jazz and blues theme.

The event is dependent on volunteers committing significant amounts of time and energy.

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