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Lochdown Learning: Peatlands

Learn about the importance of healthy peatlands with this simple experiment.

This education activity is a great way to learn about peatlands in the National Park and why they are so important for the climate emergency.

You’ll need a few props, including:

  • Two 2-litre plastic bottles with the sides cut off.
  • A small watering can, or another plastic bottle with some holes carefully cut into the lid to let the water run out.
  • The bottom cut from a further two plastic bottles.
  • String.
  • Peat and sphagnum moss / grassy turf and soil.

Sphagnum moss © RJ Cooper

Our Ranger Adam demonstrates how to carry out this activity in the video below. For the full instructions and list of helpful links to further education resources, click to download the Blanket Bog in a Bottle activity sheet at the bottom of this page.

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