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Highland Boundary Faultline view from Conic Hill over Loch Lomond Islands

Lochdown Learning: Chocolate Geology

Learning about the landscape with the help of chocolate!

This education activity is a great way to learn about how the beautiful landscape of the National Park was formed over 400 million years ago… through the medium of chocolate.

You’ll need a few props, including:

  • A selection of chocolate including, if possible, Mars Bars, Lion Bars, Crunchies, Curly Wurlies (cut into small pieces and kept cold if possible) and Crème Eggs – don’t eat them all at once! (Remember to make sure no one has allergies to the ingredients in the chocolate bars).
  • A globe– or try Google Earth as a virtual resource.
  • Cross section diagram of Earth.
  • A small zip-lock or freezer bag
  • Rock samples if you can find any in your garden or local walk. If not, use pictures of sandstone, slate, granite, pumice, gneiss, quartzite.

Our Ranger Adam deomstrates how to carry out the first part of this activity in the video below. For the full instructions and list of helpful links to further education resources, click to download the Chocolate Geology Education Activity Sheet at the bottom of this page.

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