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Board Meeting 11th December 2017


1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Minutes of Meeting held on 18th September 2017

4. Matters Arising


5. National Park Partnership Plan 2018-23

For information, please find below the designed National Park Partnership Plan document:

For information, please find below the required statutory assessments for the National Park Partnership Plan 2018-23:

6. Your Park Annual Update

7. Audit Committee Annual Report

8. The Great Trossachs Forest Partnership

9. Cononish Hearing

10. Committee Membership

Reports and Updates

11. Organisational Update

Appendix 1 – Your Park Update

12. Financial Report

Appendix 1 – Quarter 2 Management Accounts

Appendix 2 – Budget Revision 2017-18

13. Planning & Access Committee Update

14. Audit Committee Update

15. Delivery Group Update


16. Any Other Business

17. Date of Next Meeting – 12th March 2018

Approved minutes of meeting held on 11th December 2017

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