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Bob Darracott

Bob Darracott was elected to Ward 1 (Cowal and North Loch Lomond) on 5th July 2018. His term in office will run for a period of four years until July 2022.

Bob is a resident within the park, having lived in Strone for several years. He has a keen interest in the natural, historic and cultural heritage of the area, is a keen hill walker and climber and is committed to supporting and sustaining the local economy.

Prior to retiring he was the Director of Planning, Development and Transport at Renfrewshire Council. Bob also has many years of professional experience in Strategic Planning, Property/Estate Management and Tourism Development. He has worked in partnership with many key agencies linked to the National Park, such as Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Water etc.

Bob is currently a Board Member of Renfrewshire Leisure Ltd, a charitable trust, established by the Council to manage its Sports, Leisure, Museums, Arts and Cultural and Library Services.

Bob is Chair of the Planning & Access Committee at the Park Authority.

Register of Interests

  • Category 1: Remuneration
    • None
  • Category 2: Related Undertakings
    • Non-Executive Director of Renfrewshire Leisure Ltd (R.L.L.) R.L.L. is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Its objective and purpose is to manage/operate on behalf of Renfrewshire Council, its town hall, leisure, sports centre, library, cultural/museum and community hall facilities.
  • Category 3: Contracts
    • None
  • Category 4: Houses, Land and Buildings
    • Owner of residential property in Strone, Argyll and Bute
  • Category 5: Interest in Shares & Securities
    • None
  • Category 6: Gifts & Hospitality
    • None
  • Category 7: Non-Financial Interests
    • None
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