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Tourism Sector Advice and Information

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We recognise that the current Covid-19/Coronavirus situation presents significant challenges for tourism businesses in the National Park. The following guidance is currently still in use and may be helpful for businesses to refer to.

Outcome 2: Landscape Qualities


The Park’s special landscape qualities and sense of place are conserved and enhanced with more opportunities to enjoy and experience them.

Outcome 5: Recreation Opportunities


The National Park has a wide variety of well promoted and managed outdoor recreation opportunities providing for a range of abilities and interests.

Outcome 6: Water Recreation


There are more opportunities to enjoy water-based recreation and sporting activities across the Park’s lochs, rivers and coasts while maximising safety for all users and protecting the quality of water environments.

Outcome 7: Visitor Economy


The Park’s visitor economy is thriving with more businesses and organisations working together to create a world-class destination.

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