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Have your say on the draft Stathard Framework

A six week public consultation on the draft Strathard Framework is now live.

Update December 2022: The consultation is closed and the final Strathard Framework has now been published and can be found here.

Despite delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are delighted to now present the draft Strathard Framework for public consultation. We are encouraging everyone with an interest in Strathard to respond to the consultation to have your say on how we can make Strathard a healthier, more climate-responsive area that is a great place to live, work and visit. Here is a quick recap on the Framework and activity so far.

The Strathard Framework is a rural development and land use framework that will guide planning and land use decisions in the Strathard Community council area. Once finalised, it will become formal planning guidance supporting the National Park Local Development Plan.

The draft document has been formulated in partnership with an external steering group incorporating both Strathard community representatives and public bodies, and following the two engagement events held last year (one held before the national lockdown and the other hosted virtually in autumn) to hear more about long term ambitions for the area and build a consensus on the key priorities for focus.

The draft builds on existing plans and strategies (including our Local Development Plan, the work of the Strathard Initiative, and the Life Plans for Kinlochard and Inversnaid & Stronachlachar) and engagement currently being held to help develop the Aberfoyle Life Plan. If you have already or are currently feeding into these documents, your views are already being taken on board. However this Framework covers the wider Strathard area, so we are encouraging you to also respond to this consultation too.

The draft document sets out a shared vision for the area:

“Strathard is a tranquil landscape and climate resilient place of outstanding natural beauty, with strong cultural heritage and cohesion. The area acts as a carbon sink while supporting biodiversity, recreation and local communities’ self-sufficiency.

Outdoor access and eco-tourism work alongside a balanced visitor management approach and a diverse local economy to support the protection and promotion of this diverse and connected ecosystem and the wellbeing of local people and visitors.

Nature based solutions are used to manage flooding, improve and enhance infrastructure and facilities.”

As well as a pathway to change to meet this vision, the Framework also sets out strategies for sub-areas that make up Strathard, including:

  • The Forest
  • Aberfoyle (the hub)
  • Kinlochard
  • Inversnaid & Stronachlachar

We’re excited to hear your thoughts on the draft Framework. Head over to our consultation page to find out how to download the consultation document and submit your views via our online survey.

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