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Animals & Natural wonders

What happens when a visitor asks you how to see a pine marten, red squirrels or a native bird of prey? Where should they go? When? How confident do you feel when giving advice about spotting the aurora borealis? Find out all you need to know by accesing each category below.

nesting-gannets-white-with-very-light-brown-heads-and-long-beaks-at-hermaness-nnr-unst-shetland Birds


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sparrowhawk-grey-and-white-bird-with-orange-eyes-perched-on-rowan-tree-branch-with-small-red-fruits-visible-amongst-leaves Birds of prey

Birds of prey

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fallow-deer-with-big-antlers-in-the-fields-with-woods-visible-in-the-background Mammals


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brown-speckled-lizard-with-long-tail-on-stone Amphibians & reptiles

Amphibians & reptiles

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loch-katrine-covered-on-its-shores-by-beautiful-native-woods-part-of-the-great-trossachs-forest-a-small-island-is-visible-on-the-right-and-everything-is-lit-by-rays-of-sun Natural wonders

Natural wonders

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